ADAM (Heb. אָדָם), city on the eastern bank of the Jordan River mentioned in Joshua 3:16 as the place where the Jordan ceased flowing at the time of the Israelite crossing. It also appears in the inscriptions of Pharaoh Shishak (10th century B.C.E.). King Solomon's foundries were in the vicinity of Adam (I Kings 7:46; II Chron. 4:17). The place is perhaps also mentioned in Hosea 6:7 and Psalms 68:19, 78:60, and 83:11 as an ancient site of worship. The ford that was situated during ancient times at Adam is marked on the madaba Map and is still found at a place the Arabs call Damiyeh on the road from Shechem to Gilead and Moab. It is south of the confluence of the Jabbok and the Jordan on the one side and north of the mouth of Wadi Fariah on the other. On the small Tell el-Damiyeh near the ford, potsherds from the Canaanite and Israelite periods (Late Bronze to Iron Age I–II) as well as from the Roman and Byzantine periods have been found. -BIBLIOGRAPHY: Kutscher, in: BJPES, 2 (1935), 42; Torczyner, ibid., 11 (1944–5), 9 ff.; Goitein, ibid., 13 (1947), 86–88; Albright, in: AASOR, 6 (1926), 47 ff.; idem, in: BASOR, 19 (1925), 19; J. Garstang, Joshua-Judges (1931), 355; Noth, in: ZDPV, 61 (1938), 288; Glueck, in: BASOR, 90 (1943), 5; idem, in: AASOR, 25–28 (1951), 329–34; Aharoni, Land, index. (Michael Avi-Yonah) ADAM ADAM, Jewish monthly literary journal in the Romanian language. The first number of Adam was published in Bucharest on April 15, 1929. The journal was subsequently published for 12 years, until July 1940, in book form. Its founder and director was the writer and publicist I. Ludo (Isac Iacovitz). He edited the review until 1936, when he left Romania temporarily and sold it to Miron Grindea and Idov Cohn. They continued publication until their emigration from Romania, Miron Grindea to England (where he published a new review under the same name in London in English) and Idov Cohn (Cohen) to Palestine. Adam was a successful publication, reflecting the personality of its editor, Ludo, who wrote most of the articles.   He succeeded in attracting various contributors, intellectuals with various outlooks, among them felix aderca , ury benador , F. Brunea-Fox, Ion Calugaru, avraham feller , Benjamin Fundoianu, Jacob Gropper, Rabbi M.A. Halevy, Michael Landau, Theodor Loewenstein, Marius Mircu, Chief Rabbi Jacob Niemirower, eugen relgis , and A.L. Zissu . Some of them (as well as others) served their literary apprenticeship at Adam. It was a review that refused to surrender to the ghetto mentality and also attracted non-Jewish contributors, among whom the best known were Tudor Arghezi, Gala Galaction, Eugen Lovinescu, and N.D. Cocea. Adam also featured many illustrations, including work by victor brauner , marcel jancu , M.H. Maxy , Jules Perachim, and reuven rubin . Adam also engaged in polemics. Its basic idea was that Jewish-Romanian writers, before they could be Romanian writers, must be Jewish writers. In 1939, Adam published a yearbook on the occasion of its tenth anniversary. -BIBLIOGRAPHY: Adam (1929–40); Almanahul Adam (1939); A. Mirodan, Dictionar neconventional, 1 (1986), 18–21; M. Mircu, Povestea presei evreiesti din Romania (2003), 320–58; H. Kuller, Presa evreiasca bucuresteana (1996), 116–19. (Lucian-Zeev Herscovici (2nd ed.)

Encyclopedia Judaica. 1971.

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